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Anucler explosion view from lossie 0

Things are Heating Up

Great seeing everyones summer sky photo’s on my FB feed from all over Moray. Managed to capture this just 2 minutes ago at Lossie.


Lossiemouth Used To Be Called Inverlossie

DID YOU KNOW? Lossiemouth (Scottish Gaelic: lossymoof ) wasnt always called Lossiemouth,  hundreds of years ago in 1950 it was called Inverlossie, Inver meaning mouth of the river and Lossie meaning stinks of dung. But when...


A Bridge Too Far And Too Dear

With the news that naebody cains who owns the Lossie bridge goin ower tae the East Beach and the fact its gonna cost a fortune to fix it. It looks like it might finally rust away...