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The Hunt For The MorayNeep

With the News there are probably Russian Nuclear Subs lurking just off the Moray coast shadowing the Royal Navys new £4 Billion floating killing machine The Queen Lizzy. We look back at the last...

a dolphin hits lotto balls at sea 0

Who Says Dolphins Are Useless?

WIN BIG ON THE LOTTO A chance encounter with Morays Dolphin community has led one Lossie Lady to win big on the Lotto!!! Maggie Normus was out with her husband Tommy walking their dogs...

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Wid Ye Get A Log Of This

Exclusive To The Neep, Comes A Story Of True Grit And Endeavour . Sometimes fowk are doom n gloom about Moray saying it never seems to be taken seriously on the world stage, but...

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Hailstane A Miracle Or A Freak Of Nature ?

Large Hailstone Hailed as Miracle in Portknockie  Yesterdays Thunderstorm  brought an unexpected visitor to Moira’s garden in Portknockie. A fist sized hailstane!!!! Mrs Moira Johnstone explained, “It landed right on the spot or near...

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Whats On Moray : Battle Re-enactment

Like big fights from the past? Then head to Covesea Beach to witness the highly enjoyable Corgis Re-enact the battle of Mons Graupius. The day in history when 1000 britons died fighting the Romans...

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Things are Heating Up

Great seeing everyones summer sky photo’s on my FB feed from all over Moray. Managed to capture this just 2 minutes ago at Lossie.