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Mermaids Bounty Washes Ashore in Morayfirth. 0

Mermaids Bounty Washes Ashore in Morayfirth.

The  annual Kinder Egg  spawn is happening across the Moray Coast this week. This rare event happens only once every 5 years for one day only in August. Mermaids come to the coast to...


Loudest Sound Ever Coming To Forres

Can you still hear perfectly?, Do you enjoy melodic tunes and music? Perhaps you enjoy the sounds of nature,the lazy rain falling on summer flowers buzzing with bee’s collecting pollen. The tweeting of love...


Moray Information on the web

  From wikipedia… Moray (/ˈmʌri/ MUH-ree; Scottish Gaelic: Moireibh or Moireabh, Latin: Moravia, Old Norse: Mýræfi) is one of the 32 Local Government council areas of Scotland. It lies in the north-east of the...


Easter smells in Lossie

SMELLS emanating from a Moray waste water treatment plant have become so rancid that a young girl was physically sick. see story.