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The Dandylion Column

The Dandylion Writes Exclusively For The MorayNeep Good morning Moray, Is it raining, sunny or windy with you today? I bet it is, because this is weather, a phenomena we have had here in...


The Day Moray Turned Blue

At 3 am my phone wis buzzing,beeping and buzzing. I use it as my alarm and couldna believe it was time up already. As i stared into a light a thoosand times brighter than...


Did ye Vote aye?

Been oot in the rain again and put my x on the ballot paper. Good luck to all those i want to get voted in ūüėČ . May June be the end of May.


Lots and Lots of Rain in Moray

Its June and supposedly the start of meteorological summer is the first of June. So cue 2 days of biblical rain here in Morayshire, now the rivers are swollen and some villages have had...


D-Day 73 Years ago Today

Winston Churchill : ‚ÄėThis vast operation is undoubtedly the most complicated and difficult that has ever occurred‚Äô. 73 years ago today¬†The¬†Normandy landings¬†(codenamed¬†Operation Neptune) were the¬†landed¬†on Tuesday, 6 June 1944 (termed¬†D-Day)¬†the¬†Allied¬†invasion of Normandy¬†in¬†Operation Overlord¬†during¬†World War...


Elgin Marafun 2017

On Sunday 4thJune 2017 Elgin Rotary Club will host the 14thbiennial Marafun around the streets of Elgin from 12.00 ‚Äď 5.00pm.¬†This year we want to build on the fantastic monies that participants have raised...


The Neeps Site Goes Live

Hi  and welcome to The Neeps website. Why does the Neep need a website is the usual question  i receive whenever i mention anything outside the realms of Facebook. Well i like running a...