Photographer: Steinar La Engeland

Based in the North of Scotland ie Moray the most beautiful place in the world next to Santorini. The Neep has ran a successful facebook page of videos pics and jokes .Sometimes about Moray and sometime about the world for some time. Now The Neep is on le web and taking his brand of nonsense to the masses..But Why…Why does the Neep need a website is the usual question  i receive whenever i mention anything outside the realms of Facebook. Well i like running a website, i like wordpress, i like widgets,add ons and all the geeky stuff in menus’ settings etc that goes on in the background. I like posting big pics, small pics, moving pics, videos,graphs you name it all on the same page and with out Facebook telling me what i can and cant do.. I just like the FREEDOM of it all. Hopefully you will like it too and subscribe or just visit now and again. Why not get involved and leave comments/ suggestions and who knows in the future i might switch on user submissions too.